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Flowers - Nujabes (Modal Soul)



sshibe i am going through some rlly bad anxiety rn ( long story ) for the past 3 hours idk what to do. i contacted my ex on Facebook after him disappearing from skype for 3 months & im shakin really hard

hey my puppin.i’m sorry you’re shaking and feeling bad. that’s no way to be. i wish i could come over and hug u and tell u how it’s going to be ok.cause it’s going to be! i promise ur gonna feel alright soon. meantime, here’s some happy stuff for u. just lay down and take it easy my friend. try and take ur mind off everything and just relax 4 me. and don’t forget to breathe ok? here’s my happy tag

vvv and also here’s some cool stuff for u to do! vvv 

ghibli movies

disney/pixar/marvel movies

MANY tv shows n stuff!

also. here’s some emergency puppies

i love u anon. it’s gonna be ok. shiba promises u


For that anon who was wondering wether to change her name. I'm Muslim, and I have a cousin named Layla and it is Muslim name but my Christian (half catholic half Protestant? I think) has has lyla as a middle name. Idk if that's helps?

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oh my gosh this helps bunches! thank you very much! i think this fully answers the question! so anon, it doesn’t look like a problem to have this name, judging from the responses i’ve gotten (=^・ω・^=) so good luck!

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